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Child Lives Matter

Join a movement taking the world by storm.
We’re the voice for the voiceless.

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The Movement

On July 31, 2020, a flyer we created went viral to protest child sex trafficking, resulting in the biggest march against pedophilia ever conducted in Hollywood. People from all walks of life, including those flying in from all over the country and even Canada, came together and showed the world that we would not tolerate members of the Hollywood elite and beyond that children were not a commodity or currency to be used for nefarious purposes.
The rumblings of change has given birth to a major movement that has taken the world by storm. Join us as we continue to march together and spread the brushfires of liberty and freedom for children trapped in the underbelly of Hollywood and beyond!

Child Trafficking Stats

2nd Largest Criminal Industry

Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world after drug trafficking.

50%+ are Children

More than half of people that are human trafficked are children.

421,994 Missing Children

In the United States, in 2019 alone, nearly 422k children were reported according to the FBI.

We have the power to ACTUALLY create change.

But we need you. Come out and support the movement to expose and end the normalization of pedophilia pushed by the entertainment industry as the purveyor of child sexualization which influences culture.

Join us this Saturday, August 22 at 10am on Hollywood & Highland for our next march!

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Subversive Symbolism

According to this FBI document, these secret symbols are what pedophiles use to recognize each other, indicating their gender preference of children. In recent years, vigilant citizens have identified the rampant usage of these symbols in Hollywood films and shows.

Boy Lover

Little Boy Lover

Girl Lover

Child Lover

CLM Products

We've created a line of products to help with the costs of planning and promoting this movement as we work to develop a sustainable organization with this international movement. Please consider supporting us by getting the word out to expose the normalization of pedophilia and child trafficking, and our fight against it!